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The Federal Benefits Unit operates by appointment only. To set up an appointment or obtain information, the best way to contact the Federal Benefits Unit is to use our online form. Please be sure to complete all of your information. We normally respond to electronic correspondence within fifteen (15) business days. Please send only one e-mail per subject.

If you need evidence that you are receiving Social Security benefits, you can request a Benefit Verification Letter from the Regional Federal Benefits Unit. This letter is sometimes called a «budget letter», «benefit letter», «proof of income letter», or «proof of award letter».

Note that the address you provide must be an overseas address. You should not give the address provided to you by your private mail, as this could cause your benefits to be temporarily suspended when the agencies that pay your benefits learn that you are living outside the United States.

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Do you feel very tired, helpless and hopeless? Have you lost interest in many of the activities and occupations you used to enjoy? Do you have difficulty working, sleeping, eating and functioning? Have you felt this way day after day?

As you age, you may go through many changes, such as the death of loved ones, retirement, stressful life events or medical problems. It is normal to feel uneasy, stressed or sad about these changes, but after adjusting, many older people feel good again.

Grief or great sorrow after the loss of a loved one is a normal reaction to that loss and generally does not require mental health treatment. However, grief that lasts long after the loss or is exceptionally severe may require treatment.

Although most cases of depression are diagnosed in young adults, depression can occur at any age. Certain people are at higher risk for depression. If you are an older person, you may be at increased risk if:

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Studying in Madrid will undoubtedly be an experience you will never forget. The Erasmo Residence Hall is a perfect option if you are looking for accommodation in the university campus, with the best atmosphere to study and where to make new friends.

The location of the Erasmo Residence is perfect to make the most of living in one of the largest university campuses in Madrid. Cantoblanco has numerous cultural activities, sports facilities, etc. and a career offer that makes the Universidad Autónoma one of the 200 best in the world.


For four months, mother and son were in a migrant detention center. Wilmer became ill. Hilda borrowed more money with the promise to pay it back with the salary she would earn in the United States. The debt grew, Wilmer did not get better. He died soon after.

To get to Hilda’s house in Tituque you go down a dirt road. On it lie the remains of the corncobs that did not thrive because of the drought. Folded in half, dry, sad and gray. The plantation that would have fed them for a few months is now the closest thing to a cemetery. Below are the green bushes of the coffee plantations.

Elisandro cuts the ripe coffee. He says hello and invites them to sit on a wooden bench that serves as an antechamber to the bedrooms. He does not want to talk about his daughter, resigned, he says that nothing will change by telling her story. He prefers to talk about his crops.

That it rains less is not a perception of its inhabitants, but a proven fact. Historical data from the National Institute of Seismology, Volcanology, Meteorology and Hydrology (Insivumeh) show that the days and amount of rain have decreased.

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